ACCANNA III Origami Architectonics

accanna-3ACCANNA III Origami Architectonics started with a small inaugurated on the 13 Sept., 2013. Ar. Maniyarasan. R introduced the dignitary Ar. Ankon Mithra. Mr. Ankon conducted the lecture + workshop. He categorically engaged the students with lecture and documentary movies on Origami techniques and its applicability in architecture. On the first day students used small A4/A3 size papers and made small miniatures. On the second day they used A2/A1 size papers and folded relatively big patterns. On the third day, students were involved in making A0 and above sized corrugated boards to develop life size spaces that evolved out of Origami folds. Total of over 70 students representing 5 different architecture school’s (Coimbatore, Tricy and Chennai) participated in the event. Drawing reference from Cheran’s earlier ACCANNA initiatives, this event successfully happened for 3 days. Cheran Educational Trust member’s actively supported in the funding and logistics of conducting this event. Further our trust’s chairpersons inquired the comfort of other college students.


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