accanna2 Cheran School of Architecture inaugurated its symposium ACCANNA (Architecture, Cultural Commons and Nature). The inauguration ceremony was chaired by Dr. Govindaswamy, the Principal, Cheran College of Engineering. Mr. Muthuswamy and Mr. Murugesan represented the Cheran Educational Trust, Karur. Ar. Parthiban Rajukalidoss, Director (i/c) Cheran SoA, Ar. Ramesh Pallikara, Cheran SoA, Ar. Karin Schwambach (Brazil) and Ar. Karthik Natarajan (Pune) presided inauguration. Dr. Govidasamy presented the inaugural address stressing the importance of imagination and creativity as key to success in the field of architecture. He also appreciated the idea with which ACCANNA is envisioned, and said that these initiatives will provide the much needed exposure to the students. Ar. Parthiban introduced the symposium {• • •} ACCANNA (Architecture, Cultural Commons and Nature) to the participants. He said that these three notions which makeup ACCANNA would eventually become a lifelong enquiries for all Designer. Ar. Ramesh Pallikara introduced the special dignitaries of the workshop/lecture titled ARQUITETURA BRAZIL. 10.45 to 11.00 am (inaugural function); 11.00 to 11.45 am – Ar. Karthik presentation titled “Styles of Architecture”; 11.45 to 12.30 pm – Ar. Karin presentation titled “Architecture – Brazilia – Image production – Construction of a Nation”; 12.30 to 01.30 pm – Lunch 01.30 to 05.00 pm – Workshop titled “Image of a city” Total 55 delegates where divided in to 8 groups. Every group was asked to select a city of their choice and represent it through a styrofoam model. The identified cities/towns include Ernakulam, Tiruvandrum, Tiruvella, Selam, Madurai, Tirunelvelli, Chennai and Thanjore.  


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