ACCANNA III Announcement


The workshop will research possibilities of borrowing techniques from Origami to create scaled Architectural forms and surfaces that have transitioned from the realm of regular, symmetrical and predictable geometries to that of irregular, dynamic and emergent complexity. Three Origami techniques are of particular interest: tessellation, corrugation and repetition. Using these techniques, fundamental building blocks will be defined that can be arrayed in various permutations and combinations to create larger, complex architectural geometries.

ANKON MITRA is landscape director at Hexagramm Design Private Limited, an independent architecture and landscape consultancy practice in New Delhi, India. Ankon is visiting faculty at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and conducts a 2-3 week annual workshop there on Technical Origami. He has a Master of Science degree from the Bartlett (University College London) in Adaptive Architecture and Computation (2009), and received a distinction in his final dissertation which was on Developable Double Corrugations as an aspect of Origami Tessellations (fig. 05). He received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi in 2005, with a gold medal and a distinction 

This workshop is a 3 day event (13,14 and 15 Sept 2013) organized and hosted by the Cheran SoA, Karur. The entry is limited to 50 students, hence prior registration is compulsory. Ankon Mitra has a comprehensive plan and schedule for engaging students, it might not be possible for students to join the workshop on the second or the third day. The delegation fee is RS 1750 per student. The delegates are offered food and accommodation for these three days. Materials required for the workshop will be available in Cheran SoA, however all delegates are informed that they will have to bring their own T scale, Set square, pencils, compass and protractor (D). 

Last date for registration 8th Sept 2013, for further details write to


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