Build Expo 2014


BUILD EXPO – July 2014, Karur   

TEXT Ed., – MS S Thaarani II B.Arch
We the students of CHERAN SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE  students and 3staffs went to the “prem mahal’’ which is located in Karur to visit the “BUILD EXPO-2014’’. The BUILD EXPO was arranged by the “ASSOCIATION OF KARUR CIVIL ENGINEERS’’. There are more than about 100 stalls. There are lot of varieties which was useful for both civil engineers and architects and others who are related in construction of building. And the 1st stall is about Rain water harvesting .And they explained how to preserve them in proper way without intermixing them with the drainage water. Then about the porothermic bricks,terracotta tiles,floor pavements,etc., was presented in next class. They explained about the new products which Is nothing but terracotta tiles,which has color coating on the top. It is imported products from Germany. In order of giving of color coating we can’t prevent the fading of colors and its gives cooling to house. There are many stalls about tiles,marbles,granites,interiors such as door window ,etc., In that stalls there are many kind of tiles and texture tiles. There is one tilewhich was made with the wastage pieces of expensive marbles. 

It was most amazing and it look very pretty and royal look on its appearance and and there also stalls about the furnitures. In aaishankar stall they kept the teapoy which they arranged the glass pieces in the spiral manner which made aesthetically pleasing. There were also stalls about the prevention of walls after painting or after construction. There were an solution which we can apply on the walls when it gets buster,or puled or when we use low quality of cement. There were also about the different kinds of bricks and there were also brands such kkc,etc., The newly introduced products in markets in brick is igloo bricks which is made of lime,clay,clay,etc., which keeps chillness and cool inside the house and which has warranty about 50yrs.And we visited many stalls and we learned many information about the different, we hope that this study will be useful for design and future.

There is a only one stall in mosquito screens. These screens are fitted in doors and windows. It gives natural light into our home and allows circulation of air.Strech-proof,durable and aesthetic.Easy to fix with 12types of filaments that will suit any window size/type. Near-invisible screens that preserve the view and offer excellent ventilation.Effective in keeping out mosquitoes bugs and solar heat. It is low cost and cheap and available in most of the showrooms.

Full Flat Switch
The full flat form factor has redefined many factors in mlife. Aeroplane seats,Tv’s,mobile phones,electric stoves and now switches. The ZENCELO full flat switches used for electro-mechanical switches.It is an luxury and it is defined by its price. The patent-pending “ONDICATOR’’ changes to marigold.when turned “on’’. And blends to the same color as the doly when “off’.
Types of flat switches
6A Switch; 16A Switch; Double pole switch; Bell switch; Motor starter switch; Sockets; Electronic units; Tele communication accessories and connection; cover plates

GLASS – SAINT GLOBIN GLASS – Sumangal glass; Global glass; Season glass; Triveni glass
Uses of glass – Glass works,Glass partitions,Glass windows,Acid wash glasses,Coloring glasses,Piece work glasses,Crystal coloring glass,Glass doors,Glass elevation works.

Birla white wall care putty-sf is a water resistant white cement based putty which provides a strong base on concrete/mortar walls. It is applied before painting. It prevents flaking of paints.It has strong bond with base plaster. Does not need any kind of premier on it. Can be applied on both interior and exterior walls and ceilings. Gives smooth and glossy finish surface.
Remove all loosely adhering material from the wall surface; Moisten the wall with sufficient quantity of clean water; Main wall putty with 40-50% clean water slowly to make a paste; Continue mixing for 10-15 minutes till a uniform spaces; The surface is wet through out before the application of putty; After drying of first coat of putty just rub the surface gently with wet sponge or very gently with putty blade.

There is a separate stall for steel(TMT BARS) they kept two bowls with steel balls,one bowl has the raw steel which is extracted from the ground.And another one has sponge steel.Since raw steel has 60% of steel and 40% of stone.And than coal is added to separate into pure steel which is sponge steel is less than the raw steel.There is a flex which has the picture of manufacturing cycle by steel.
TMT means THERMO MECHANICALLY TREATED BALLS.It is not a bond it’s the method of manufacturing steels.

Membrane doors: Membrane moulded doors are made up of finest quqlity improved pvc sheets,laminated sheets on flush door under temperature of 140deg.celsius with high tec german equipment and latest technology.Doors are available in a wide variety of solid color,wood grains and metallic effect with smooth,textured and glossy finish.Membrane doors are custom made for quick installation.These doors are easy to maintain as they do not require polishing and varnishing.They also provide edge bonding on customer demand.
WIDTH 27”;30”;33”;36”;38”;40”
LENGTH 69”;72”;75”;78”;81”;84”
The thickness available in the size of 30mm, 32mm, 35mm,40mm

One of the most long lasting forms of human expression murals can be large theamatic works in form of painting,metal casting,sheet metal,fibre casting glass,mined media,etc.,
Handles are most functional art form in a decar.The team or artistics embars on handless in different styles spanning from traditional to modern.

A splendid collection of granites invarious styles which makes the product appear striking with richness in quality.The granites are presented with high quqlity finishing with various types of finishes like glossy,leather,flamed,lapatoand etc.,
Kalingstone Italian design
Karur district authorized dealer.
Steel gray,Bengal black,river white,moon white,ivory white,may flower,black galaxy,spider white,ivory brown,harrest cream,ghibli gold,coilonial gold,red multi,new imperial red,pardiso classic,clima layan blue,cats eye red,flash blue,sapphire brown,vizag blue.


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