Jinan’s Workshop Learn to See

Clay workshop@ Sasi SoA, Coimbatore, 31th Jan – 2nd Feb 2014 

Text: MS. Sujeeya. J., I B.Arch.,
I am happy to report my days on cloud nine in Sasi SOA, Coimbatore. The workshop (31.01.14-02.02.14) conducted by Mr. Jinan, titled “Learning to See” it left an imprint on me. Those days made me realize the very marvels in the tiny leaves of nature, this I had not noticed in all these 18 years. Working in clay brought out my buried in thoughts. It was a wonderful experience to make sculptures. Last but not the least, it was a great opportunity to mingle with future architects and extent a good friendship with them.

Text: MS. Lavanya. M., I B.Arch.,
We participated in a Clay Workshop that was organized by Sasi SoA Coimbatore. 20 of our classmates participated in this workshop conducted by Mr. Jinan. We arranged a private bus and reached Coimbatore. We have already visited Sasi for another one day workshop in September 2013. But this clay workshop is a three day event, and we carried a lot of good memories and hopes for this event.

First day (31.01.14)
On reaching the college we assembled in their seminar hall. I wondered why they would ask us to assemble in a seminar hall for a clay workshop. Architects Ramesh, Resham, Deepika and some faulty members of Sasi came to the hall. Then after a while an old man with long silky white hair and beard entered the hall. He introduced himself as Mr. Jinan. He spoke about nature and how it is natural for all humans to be creative. Although I felt sleepy during the speech, I managed it quite well at the end. He divided us in groups and asked us to collect different thing form the campus garden. He along with collecting, he asked us to feel the sense of smell and observe noises that are in Nature. Groups collected different points, lines, textures, shapes, colors, and forms. We had altogether 7 teams. I worked in the group that collected different forms. We enjoyed the work and collected lot of materials. In the evening we stayed in the Sasi student’s hostel and I was a nice place.

Second day (01.02.14)

In the morning we reached the college and once again Jinan asked us to do the same work as the previous day. And later we finally saw clay in our eyes. He asked us to make forms and shapes we collected from nature and he insisted that we make texture in the clay models. I enjoyed this activity. Later in the evening we went to Brookfield’s, Coimbatore. I wandered around the mall with my friends. We returned the hostel by 8.30.

Third day (02.02.14)

Sunday was the last day of the workshop. We started the same work in clay. And after lunch we were asked to split in groups. This time we collected different colored leafs and gathered them in one place. We arranged the leaves based on color, we could see them change colors in the same day. Totally we arranged 42 different colors and shades. It had 14 different shades in brown-red color. Finally we gathered in the seminar hall and we shared the photographs we took during the afternoon. And later we reached the bus stop and came back to Karur.


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