sparkCheran School of Architecture participated in a workshop titled “Palladio’s Mindscape” conducted by the Sasi Creative School of Architecture, Coimbatore on the 2nd September 2013. This one day event is part of a symposium titled SPARK. A total of 36 students from 3rd semester and 1st semester our institute participated in this event. Ar. Deepika T accompanied the students. Forenoon session included the inauguration and lectures by Ms. Jana Fridrichova (expert in Art, ethics and pedagogy). Ms Jana presented lectures under the titles Palladio’s Villas and Surrealism. Later in the afternoon session students under her expert guidance completed a collage using Adobe Photoshop. 

1st Semester Students “It is the first workshop we attended in our 1st year (B.Arch). we learned to interact with students from other institutions. Ms Jana informed us through her lecture – Palladio’s geometric principles and aesthetics of Renaissance period. We learnt new terms such as Surrealism, Renaissance. We worked in group with students from other institutions; we worked on a collage in Photoshop. Even though we don’t know Photoshop, senior students from other institutions helped us learn the software” 

3rd Semester Students 
“We all are glad to meet our sir Ramesh. We had a new experience through this workshop. We enjoyed the journey with our juniors and had a wonderful time. This workshop motivated us to learn Photoshop. MS. Jana explained about Collage, Surrealism and introduction to Photoshop. The lecture was useful, she explained about Palladio’s works and his villas. We saw the works of Sasi students and we made friends.”


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