Vision Mission


Recognizing that architecture is frozen expression of cultural context and that an Architect is a steward, responsible for maintaining harmony between artistic creativity and scientific innovation – his/her works are perpetually in due to appreciation of cultural diversity.

To be a leader in imparting quality architectural education that leads to free thinking Architects

To contribute to a healthy diverse global society through our students

To emphasis on values driven professional ethics and achieve excellence

To practice cutting edge technology in teaching/learning processes


To recognize that the first step to healthy diverse global society starts with meaningful appreciations of each individual cultural identity

To nurture creation and innovation that respects uniqueness of the micro/macro context and consequently become a resource center of the Kongu region

To be an active partner in inter institutional collaborations

To adopt learning methods that encourages firsthand experience for the students with the society at large


A master Architect surmises that Man’s decisions are different in quality from those of other animals, for man has the ability to affect the world around him by his decisions and to change its appearance and nature quite radically. Since man’s decisions have such great potentials for both good and evil, his responsibility is grave indeed. This is, in fact, one of the most important aspects of human predicament, that all man’s decisions change the world, that he cannot escape the decisions, and that he is conscious of the good or the evil he does, the beauty or the ugliness he creates.” (Hasan Fathy).

In this line of thought, we highlight the responsibility of an architect. Along with the realization of responsibilities comes the liberty to DESIGN. At the Cheran School of Architecture we guide students to design with shrewd observation and panache of another Master Louis Khan. As said elsewhere “A brick. Good. What else? A weapon. Louis Kahn said even a brick want to be something. A brick wants to be something, it aspires. Even a common, ordinary brick…Wants to be something more than it is. It wants to be something better than it is. That is what we must be.” 

Our graduates will gain knowledge in architectural design, urban design, construction technology and allied professions such as conservation, environment, product design, visual communication etc. The curriculum focuses on architectural design as the core discipline. Students are guided to realize and design appropriately respecting the cultural and environmental context. The result is an education which equips graduates with the creative, analytical and broad intellectual outlook.


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